"Ellen Bukstel's beautiful voice and poignant lyrics on her track,
"You're Not Better Than Me" create an anthem and a voice for the thousands of survivors
and victims of Domestic Violence who hopefully now know that they are not alone.
I was honored to have judged the contest that led us to Ellen – an amazing artist and spirit.
Watch the video, listen to the song and you will know what I know
– that Ellen has managed to capture the horror of Domestic Violence while providing hope
for thousands...all in a ballad that stands on its own as a great song."

-Michael Bolton
Grammy Winning Recording Artist & Singer/Songwriter

“Ellen Bukstel’s song"You're Not Better Than Me" is a powerful story full of struggle, pain and ultimately success in one woman’s effort to free herself from the horrors of domestic violence. The images in the video “Faces of Violence” clearly shows the impact of abuse and violence on victims and particularly on children. It shows that anyone can be a victim of abuse – a story I hear every day and I hope it moves you to take action in your own community to help end the violence. Thank you, Ellen, for creating this amazing song and video.”
-Rita Smith
Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“During forty years as a senior non-profit agency development official, I have never had so visceral a reaction to a fund raising yet educational presentation. The video “Faces of Violence” is a powerful tool. I cannot imagine a community that would not open its purse strings after experiencing this music video. It shows women who suffer in silence; it shows the problem; and it presents a vital anti-abuse message in a meaningful and almost beautiful way. I shed tears as I watched. The melody, the performance, the insightful lyrics, all joined together with the carefully chosen heart-rending photographs gave me chills. Ellen’s outstanding abilities as a songwriter and performer substantiated the points our agency sought to make.”
-Carol Effrat
Former Senior Vice President Resource Development
Jewish Community Services of Miami

“Ellen Bukstel's song "You're Not Better Than Me" and the accompanying video capture, as nothing else I've seen, the sense of isolation and aloneness that is the heart and mind of the abused woman. The lyrics reflect the thoughts that play in a victim’s head day after day. A powerful connection is created between viewer and victim that no amount of dialogue can replicate. This music video is an unparalleled tool for healing as well as for educating those who are getting their first glimpse into the tragedy of domestic abuse.”
-Lynne Lichtman
Coordinator Jewish Domestic Abuse Program
Jewish Community Services of South Florida / www.jcsfl.org

"The first time I heard Ellen’s beautiful voice singing "You're Not Better Than Me" I was riveted to my chair. I watched as the visuals accurately conveyed feelings of sadness, pain, isolation and hopelessness. The quality of her voice ferried me back to chilling memories. No matter how safe I feel, Ellen’s song reminds me that so many others are still suffering. I may have escaped a burning building, but others are still trapped, in pain and fear and in immediate danger. This song and video conveys the immediacy that we need to go back in and help them. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel, it is profoundly important to continue to focus attention on domestic violence and abuse. I could not have escaped when I did without help. I feel as if I have broken the cycle and that my children will be able to make this world a better place. This song and video are effective in uniting help and reaching out to people suffering, letting them know they are not alone. I am deeply grateful for this work."
-Daphna Rose
Songwriter / DV Survivor


The following statements are from victims and survivors of domestic abuse
who have seen the music video “FACES OF VIOLENCE”.
Their identities are withheld for their protection.

“Thank you. Very touching lyrics and so true. I believe that women in abusive relationships tend to think the man thinks he's better than her. We need to help women heal, but also work on these men so they don't continue hurting so many women!”

“This is just a brilliant song! Ellen can't you show this video and song to any of the domestic violence charities? I'm a survivor and it touched me more than any other DV song I ever heard. It reminds me exactly of reality and how women feel”

“It put tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful voice, such inspiring music, and lyrics. Thank you for your contribution and love. You are a beautiful spirit. You have my most sincere respect; I honor the woman in you. God bless.”

“As a domestic abuse survivor this was touching. It is imperative that those who are still suffering in abusive relationships know that they are not alone. There is hope at the end of the rainbow after the storm.”

“Stop crying - start smiling - stop dying - start living - stop hurting - start healing - stop blaming the woman - start understanding. Domestic violence will stop when we start seeing the truth and quit hiding from it! Amazing video! Thank you for making this - I am a survivor committed to raising three responsible boys. It is a hereditary disease which takes active work to overcome.”

“You are a very talented artist. I can really appreciate this song and video. I am a domestic violence survivor and I am sure that I speak for many others out there that this song gave me chills. Thank you for sharing your gift.”

“Wow. incredibly moving video. moved me to tears. Beautiful and tragic.”

“Beautiful...I was married 26 years to an abusive man, I was with him 22 years and so often I wanted to say that to him, but did not have the courage. I thank God for the journey I walked, and He held my hand through it all..so I could help someone else.”

“I am domestic violence survivor. It touches me very personally.”

“This touched me personally. Absolutely Beautiful! God Bless!”

“My son and I survived! My sons dad beat me up badly when I was pregnant. I never forget
and my son still needs extra care. This song put tears in my eyes!”

“Wow you got talent. I've never been a victim of domestic violence but with this song it
touched me. It sucks what people have to go through especially how it affects
the children most of the time.”

“I too am a victim....no...better yet a survivor. This song brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for putting this message out there. Remember - October is Domestic Violence Awareness month...show your support.”

“This video reminds me of my sons. We have been separated for years now due to DV. The song is beautiful, it's just the pictures are really sad.”

“This videos so sad, so is the song. I can relate to this. I love this great video. I would really love to have a downloaded version so I can listen to it all the time. Even when the wrong is being done to me. Thanks.”

“Hauntingly beautiful. Awesome! Thank you.”

“This song was really moving. It helped someone close to me who suffered the hand of physical abuse from another family. I have untold respect for anyone who manages to find the strength to get out.”

“Wow, that was a beautiful song.”

“This video is so sad. It reminds me of a friend of mine who committed suicide to escape the abuse from the hands of her husband.”

“It is sad that people who claim to love you...show it in the most horrendous way.”

“I can totally relate to this song. It has wonderful lyric and music with such an amazing voice. God bless you.”

“This is a great song...you can not really appreciate this song unless you have been through some kind of violence in your life...Bless you...and Peace to all who went through it...I am a survivor...”

“This video touched me. My mothers boyfriend murdered her and this song
really helped me.”

“Thank you! I can relate. I know there are many others who do as well...Blessings!”

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