Ellen Bukstel & Shalom Bayit Jewish Domestic Abuse Program of JCS
‘Faces of Violence’ 2009 Singer/Songwriter Competition

“…Hands are not for hurting, she will teach her son–
When you grow into a man, don’t hurt the ones you love.”

excerpt from the song You’re Not Better Than Me, written and performed by
Ellen Bukstel, winner of the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence)
2008 ‘Breaking The Silence In Song’ Theme Song Competition.

Music brings people together! Songs can change the world! Music is central to our spirituality and the human experience and there is no book more full of music than the Torah. It contains ethical teachings intended for the human heart. Songs have historically been a unifying force amidst the sometimes turbulent movements of social change. They have had a universal way of bringing awareness about many things. They have shaped our world. It is important to recognize the committment of those musicians who have influenced our culture with their fearless social activism and unwavering committment to peace and Tikkun Olam.

This year Shalom Bayit is celebrating four years of service to the South Florida Jewish community
by joining with South Florida award winning singer songwriter and activist Ellen Bukstel, to honor the musical talents of gifted singer songwriters who are reaching out with their music to bring about awarenes of Domestic Abuse. And so the 2009 Faces of Violence Shalom Bayit Singer Songwriter Competition was born. It was named after the music video ‘Faces of Violence’ created by Ellen, to help raise funds for Shalom Bayit and features her original soundtrack You’re Not Better Than Me. This powerful video premiered at the Shalom Bayit’s Inaugural fund raising Luncheon in 2006
and is currently being used to raise funds for domestic abuse outreach programs
in South Florida, US and Canada.

One hundred and Seventeen Singer/songwriters from all over the country, some as far as Europe, submitted songs that related in some way to the subject of domestic abuse. Many told their own story of survival, empowerment and courageand others simply wanted to speak for others who are battered and living in fear. Shalom Bayit is committed to honoring these talented artists for sharing powerful and very personal stories of abuse in the hopes of helping people to gain a better understanding of the insideous and violent rage that hurt so many people. Through their songs, they are reaching out into the world with great courage and determination to help victims of abuse.

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